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VP University’s Upcoming WEBINARS

Each webinar will begin at 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time and run approximately for 45-minutes.  At the conclusion of the session you will receive the video recording, the handouts, and your certificate of participation.
If the scheduled time does not suit your schedule but you are interested in the topic, please register so that you will receive the follow up information.


June 18 (Tuesday): Sourcewell with Brian Aldrich and Gary Kahle (register below)

Please join Brian and Gary of BlueScope’s Sourcewell:

1. Sourcewell is a purchasing cooperative that allows state & local governments, schools, and non-profits to procure goods & services without going through the bid process

2. A Sourcewell contract is a national government contract that satisfies bid requirements for state & local governments, schools, and non-profits.

Don’t miss this session and learn how partnering with Sourcewell can benefit YOU!

Register here>>> Sourcewell with Brian and Gary


June 19 (Wednesday): Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 1 with Joe Mendoza (register below)

Please join Joe Mendoza for the first part of the “Engineering for Non-Engineers” Webinar topics. Joe will discuss:

1. How Steel Works
-Physical Properties: Yield Stress, Design Stress, Modulus of Elasticity

2. Systems Construction
-How VP components work together; Integrating other materials; Addressing design responsibilities

3. Basic Loading
-Load definitions (dead, live, collateral, snow, wind seismic, auxiliary)

4. Simple vs. Continuous
-Modular, Clear Span, and Post and Beam frames
-Wall and roof members

5. Miscellaneous
Wall beams, Jack-Carrier Beams, Bracing impact on design and price

Register here>>> Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 1


June 20 (Thursday): Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 2 with Thomas Carney (register below)

Join Thomas Carney as he continues our Engineering for Non-Engineers series by delving deeper into the Loads and Codes – spending time on the Collateral Loading, which is the most variable and contingent upon the interaction of the builder/engineer/owner to make sure the building is correctly SPECIFIED and design for its use.

Learn more about the VP Command Loads and Codes input screen.

Register here>>> Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 2


June 21 (Friday): Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 3 with BB Parikh (register below)

Please join BB Parikh as he completes our special “Engineering for Non-Engineers” webinar week. BB will discuss the VPC Loading screen, in particular, Wind, Snow, Seismic, and Deflections.

BB will also close out the engineering discussion by summarizing Parts 1 and 2.

Register here>>> Engineering for Non-Engineers Part 3


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