Delivery Modalities

Delivery Modalities (Methods) by Stephen Hudak

Passing on any type of information is simply a method of communication – you to the learner to back on the job.  We must consider the message we wish to convey and to whom (the student) it will be given and insure the method is appropriate.  As we’ve learned, people have preferred ways to learn so we should consider the various ways and have methods for all.

MATCH the Method to the Message you are delivering.

MATCH the method to the message you are delivering

Some common methods [1] we will look at are: Teleconferencing, Virtual Classroom, Recorded Virtual Classroom, Self-study Courses, Webinars, Audio/Visual Webcast, “Short” (Microbursts, Microlearning).

Teleconferencing: Telephone only, best for passing on information and not for training.  Sharing of ideas, quick planning.

Virtual Classroom: The next best thing to being in a live classroom setting.  Convenient, asynchronous.  Great for interacting among students, sharing knowledge, checking learning.  Best if kept short.

Recorded Virtual Classroom: Recording of above.  Best if short, must be well-planned if recorded, stick to the tasks, keep a good flow.

Self-study Courses: Ideal for online learning.  Asynchronous, anything/anywhere.  Must be well-planned, have various methods for a variety of learners.  Should have instructor-student interaction.

Webinars: Similar to the Virtual Classroom, with a touch of Teleconferencing.  Best if short and very effective for sharing information.

Audio/Visual Webcast: Effective for inspirational talks, short topics.  Convenient for the learner.  Wide variety of topics such as leadership, language, etc.

Short – Microburst, Microlearning: Excellent method to get our information quickly.  “Show-Do” of topics that are not greatly detailed.  Gives the learning information when they need it without a lengthy webinar-type session.  VP University uses this for 30 second to just a few minutes of a specific topic.  Uses the effective “chunking” concept of combining related information into easily manageable, short sections.


Delivery Modalities Video

VP University offers a variety of learning methods.  Our WEBINAR BOOT CAMPs, quarterly sessions of a wide-range of topics, offered daily during the selected week in 45-60 sessions, have become quite popular.  In-class, regional sessions are always popular as well.  These “hybrid” sessions offer webinars, self-paced, self-study modules, in-class training, and post-class follow-up, and a library of topics to continue the learning.

Mix the media, vary the method, know your audience – and you will be successful!

[1] From “Common Learning Technologies” .  Defense Centers of Excellence. .  Accessed September 23, 2017.

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