Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Stephen Hudak’s Teaching and Learning Philosophy

The help the student grow I’ve adopted Joe Calloway’s Three Rules from his bestseller Becoming a Category of One.  They are as follow:

  1. Know more about the customer (student) than anyone else.
  2. Get closer to the customer (student) than anyone else.
  3. Emotionally connect with the customer (student) than anyone else.

More Callowayisms I’ve embraced are:

  • Be easy to work with.
  • “Does it make for a better student experience?”  This is pulled from Calloway’s book, Keep it Simple where he relates the story of a yacht owner’s question with which everything to do with the boat, the race, must pass the question “Does it make the boat go faster?”

The Socratic Method works well in helping students reach their own understanding.  An Instructor/Facilitator’s job is to make this learning environment as easy and fun as possible.  Multiple questions must be posed, reflected on, discussed – and the learning experience (online or in-class) should respect this.

Use the Socfatic method to get to your final truth.

Socratic Circles by Stephen Hudak

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