Stephen Hudak has published the following books:

  • Some People (2004) a collection of short stories
  • Morning in the Month of Roses (2008) with his granddaughter Bayleigh Fox
  • A Rumpelstiltskin Christmas (2009) also with his granddaughter, Bayleigh
  • VP University New Trainer’s Guide (2010) a handbook for new trainers to VPU.
  • Leadership: Thoughts By an Aspiring Leader (2011) leadership writings from a college class
  • Portrait of My Grandfather in his Twenty-Second Year (2011) family history
  • Building Lives: Varner Prudhon (2013) a history of the founders of Varco Pruden Buildings Robert Varner and Clark Prudhon
  • The Space Between Words (2018) a collection of short stories

Hudak also holds a copyright for Varco Pruden Systems Guide, a textbook used in VP’s product training sessions.  He has also co-authored numerous technical training manuals.

Steve has also been published at National Public Radio’s This I Believe website, the Metal Construction News, and Bob Pike’s Creative Training Techniques.


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