Hudak was graduated from Penn State University in 1984 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  In 2008 he completed his studies in Communications at Lord Fairfax Community College.  He has lived in Front Royal, Virginia for over 20 years.

Steve has been with Varco Pruden Buildings ( since 1986 serving in various roles such as Drafting, Project Management, Computer Support, and has been involved in training full-time since 1995.

Hudak has been an Adjunct Instructor with Lord Fairfax Community College since 2016 in their Workforce Solutions programs.

He has taught classes in Building Design Software, Building Design Value Engineering Solutions, Project Management, Business Writing, Communications, Building Trust, Coaching, Decision Making, Team Building, Presentation Skills, and many others.

Stephen has published the following books:

  • Some People (2004)
  • Morning in the Month of Roses with Bayleigh Fox (2008)
  • A Rumpelstiltskin Christmas with Bayleigh Fox (2009)
  • Portrait of My Grandfather in his Twenty-Second Year (2011)
  • Act in Love: The Clark Prudhon Story (2012)
  • Building Lives: Varner Prudhon (2013)
  • The Space Between Words (coming 2019)


Don graduated from Chico State University in 1992 with a degree in Construction Management.  While in the last 3 years of school he worked full time for a General Contractor as an Estimator, and Project Manager.  In May of 1995 he moved to Turlock to work for VP Buildings in Turlock, CA.

While in Turlock he worked as an Estimator, Project Manager, a member of VP University (1998 – 2009), and a member of the BlueScope Buildings Internal Training Team (2009-2015), Lead Project Manager (2015-2017), and now back with VP University for 2018.

During this time, he has trained Builders and Employees throughout North America and in Asia for BlueScope.  He has trained VPCommand, internal Business Systems, Project Management, Leadership Development, Team building, and Continuous Development.

In March of 2017 the Engineering Office was relocated to Visalia, CA, which is now at the same location as the Manufacturing Plant.  He & his wife relocated to Visalia at the same time as the office move.  And is excited to be part of the next chapter of VP University and the growth of our Builder organization.


VP University (VPU) was founded in 2000 by Dr. Edward C. Champagne to be the training and development arm of Varco Pruden Buildings.  VPU mainly conducts in-class training in North America, but has held many International sessions.  VPU also offers virtual solutions via webinar and is seeking to be the online learning solutions provider for its customers.

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