Stephanie Does It Again!

Category Of One Service


Today was one of those oddly pleasant days full of little delightful deeds. After enduring delayed flights and the usual airport nonsense, I requested an UBER. Michael arrived in his car covered in military support stickers complete with an eagle on the hood. I hopped in to the Star-Spangled Banner playing. I hesitated to sit as I felt the need to come to attention.
Michael told me and signed that he is deaf. We communicated as best we could and after a rain-drenched drive I checked in to the hotel.

In my room, on the desk, was a huge tote bag/cooler. A card from Stephanie welcomed me back. I held a training session at this hotel a year ago this past spring and blogged about the nice little easter basket Stephanie had placed in the room. I chuckled and thought, “Ah, Stephanie wants me to blog/brag about this place again.”

The Twix bars are gone. The water is going. The tote-cooler will come in handy and one day be lost, but Stephanie’s second-mile service will be remembered and retold in future leadership classes.
What an excellent start to this week!

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