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Communication in e-Learning and Other Communities

Three Types of Communication in eLearning and Other Communities by Stephen Hudak   Three types of communication recognized by Haythornthwaite[1] in effective eLearning communities are content-related, planning of tasks, and social support.  Using a constructivist approach, all activities should be related to the student’s learning experience.  These three types of communication are critical to what …

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Playful Innovation

Playful Innovation by Stephen Hudak How does a company get the work done while allowing time for play?  The online blog, The Muse, has some unique suggestions to try.[1]  Among them are my favorites:Work is a dirty four-letter word…or so many feel.  Play is another four-letter word…better accepted.  Innovation has, well, it doesn’t matter how …

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Trust vs. Communication

Trust vs. Communication by Stephen Hudak Trust in any relationship is critical.  For a leader being trustworthy is, perhaps, the most important characteristic.  I would trust a decision from a trustworthy leader even if I wasn’t completely convinced it was the proper course of action.  On the other hand, someone who is not trustworthy will always keep me reserved …

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